dimanche 15 avril 2012

 By Romain Le Cam
 Liza Thorn by Hedi Slimane
 Dima and Sergey by Michal Chelbin
 Barbourd Nord

 By Johnny Bird
by  Kasia Bobula

David J. Grant,Farida Khelfa and Jean Paul Gaultier

 Jack Nicholson in 'Easy Rider'
 Eve Arnold
 Horst P Horst
 Johnny Bird
 By Jean Paul Goude

 By Jak&Jil
Andy Warhol and Paloma Picasso by Jean Paul Goude
 Jum Nakao
 Hedi Slimane
 Grace Jones by Jean Paul Goude
 Lindsey Wixson by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia
  ..By Jock Sturge, Madonna by Steven Meisel
 By Ryan Mcginley
 Alexia Chung
 Lucas , The Beatles
 Madonna, Comme des Garcons
 James Dean and Pier Angeli

by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Paris
 joan crawford  in  mildred pierce
 , Pablo Picasso

 Marylin Monroe
, Anna Karina

 Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Jack Nicholson
 Hunter S. Thompson

 Gabrielle Chanel
 by Ash Kingston, Hanne Gaby Odiele
Yigal Azrouel

Andy Warhol
Stanley Kubrick , Jean Luc Godard and  Jean Seberg
 Requiem for a dream
River Phoenix,
 Sigourney Weaver by Helmut Newton
 Igorr Pjörrt

Edward Furlong

 Jonas Kloch by Kate Cox, Kate Moss by Paolo Roversi CK

Kim AlexisSebastian Sauve

bernini pluto and persephone

17 commentaires:

  1. hey, your pictures always surprise me =) and i also like the pictures about Jack Nicholson, because he is one of my favorite movie stars :P may i ask a question? i am curious that how do you choose the pictures you want to put on here? do you have any standards? or just put the pictures which you like? if you feel to be bothered then i am very sorry!! i just curious~

  2. Hello ! Jack Nicholson is a very good actor,yes. I have a lot of pictures on my computer, a crazy number i think ,which increases every day ( i don't take whatsoever) I save them in a folder, and when I have 200 pictures in the file, I create another folder ... (again and again) I choose pictures who inspire me, or i found beautiful, impressive,or other else.. And when I want to publish them here, i choose a folder, and take the pictures i like the most in this 'folder'... ahah, i don't know if i answer your question ? Sorry for the late, i was in 'holiday' (at the beach,haha)Thank you for your question, i'm glad. :-)

  3. yes, thank you for your answer, that's what i want to know ^^ and i am very surprise that you have so many pictures, and the folders. :P i also like to search the pictures which impress me, but not as much as yours. so i think you are just like my target! i should learn from you, ha ha =) by the way, do you enjoy your holiday?

  4. Hello, yes I spent a very good holiday, it was very hot, while where I live it's raining all the time, ahah, I was on an island called 'corsica' in France. How old you are ,and you live in Taïwan ?? I don't know if you are on holiday, if so, was it good? :-)

  5. hey, i am glad to hear that you had a very good holiday =) i am 22 years old, how about you? and, yes, i live in Taiwan. however, we don't have holiday here, we just have summer and winter vacation....so sad :P

  6. AHaha, I will be already dead without holiday! I have only 16 years old. Taiwan is a big city, do you live with your parents or have you your own apartments ?

  7. he he, so i always feel tired :P in taiwan, children usually live with their parents until they go to university or get married. for me, i still live with my parents =) and you?

  8. With my parents too, i'm too young i think. But I'm hurry to have my own apartment in Paris, yes because i absolutely want to live in PARIS. Have you ever been to France ?

  9. Yep, but...i just went to "only" the supermarket :P and that was the first time i wen t to France. but i hope i can go to France again in the future. =) why you want to live in Paris?

  10. ahah, ok. Because Paris is beautiful, this city is all that I love, art, museum, music, fashion, history, and that's my country, I do not know .. but I would love to travel around, russia, USA, sweden, etc ... I'm going to England a week, it was great. I wish you to go back to paris again ! Haha, did you work?

  11. oh, i hope i can go to Paris, cuz i always want to go there =)

    i am a college student, and i have a part time job, i work for my professors.

  12. All right, Me I would like working in photography, art or work for a magazine. But unfortunately I did not study for that, I studied 'vending/business'. What is the 'job' that you would like to do?

  13. great! i am looking forward to see your pictures after you become a photographer or read the magazine which you edit =)

    and for me, i want to do the work which can travel the world, because i like traveling. and if the job also can help people then that will be amazing!!! ha ha~

    so you are going to have a vacation in England?

  14. No, I would like to go there soon, it's not that far from my home, I wanted to say I was in England, two years ago, sorry for my bad English!

  15. it's ok!!! i think your English is pretty good =) trust me!!

    and you said you like England, any reasons? ^^

  16. humm, not really, it's cool, it's rock, i like their style, it's different of the France, i don't know, i love England.

  17. i like England, except it's weather :P i don't like rainy day~